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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  December 6, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. >> activists hoping to stop foreclosures are marching in oakland on their way do disrutting an -- on their way to disrupting an auction. >> reporter: this is a fast moving group their demonstration began an hour ago and they've moved on to their third location. they did come here to chase at webster and 20th. they moved up the street to wells fargo now a third location. this began around 10 at snow park where the group met
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initially and rallied there's two dozen they call themselves occupy our homes. there's a group known as ace helping them out the attach -- alliance of californians for community empowerment. they are looking to punish the banks for what they call predatory leaning. demands include, they want the banks to stop all foreclosures. they want new modifications for everyone. they want bankers prosecuted for fraud. >> they put madoff in jail for fraud. we want the bankers to go to jail for fraud. if it was me, i would be in jail. >> we want the banks to work with us. we just want to get back to paying. we want a reasonable option pay option that works well for the bank as well as us. >> reporter: that second woman you just heard from linda, she is an scam within this movement. -- is an example within this home. her home is in the process of
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being foreclosed upon she and her husband put $250,000 down on that house now they cannot afford their payments. they are not clear where their payments are going they don't see change in their principle or in their mortgage payments. she claims to be the victim of a predatory loan that is the movement today, occupy our homes, trying to get what they say is justice for homeowners. they are still on the move this morning at 11:30, they plan to be on the courthouse steps in downtown oakland that is where home auctions are always going on from 11:30 to 12:30. they say it is not fair homes are being auctioned off for pennies when the banks won't let the homeowners stay in the house for that amount. katie marzullo, abc7 news. occupy movement has a full page ad in papers across the country, including the chronicle. outline being is plans for fixing the economy. the ad today says the congressional super committee
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has failed to come up with an answer to the nation's deficit and suggests the so-called 99% has a solution. the plan includes increasing taxes on the wealthiest to reducing military budget and negotiating better pharmaceutical drug prices. the ad was paid for with donations raised on an open source website we put a link to the specific proposal on under see it on tv. bank of america has agreed to pay 315 million dollars to settle a mortgage lawsuit the deal will settle claims by investors who claimed they were misled into purchasing poor quality mortgages. the latest attempt to settle long running legal issues. if the first half of the year bank of america spent 13 billion dollars to settle similar claims from various investors. in a couple of weeks san francisco will be the first city in america to offer minimum wage above $10 an hour. january 1st, san francisco's minimum wage climbs to $10.24
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an hour, up from $9.92. the federal minimum wage is $7.75. in 2003 voters approved a ballot measure requiring the city to enforce a minimum wage increase every year, to match the rate of inflation. san jose city council will discuss pension reform today. the mayor has called off a scheduled vote on declaring a fiscal emergency. the mercury news reports the mayor was set to ask councilmembers to declare the emergency to justify putting a measure on the march ballot aimed at trimming pension benefits for city workers. the mayor wants to push that election to june after new cost project s were released lowered the retirement bill for police and firefighters after 10% pay cuts and staff reductions. president obama is in kansas now where he's making a major speech on economic fairness. these are live pictures. it is in the same town where
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president theodore roosevelt gave his famous new nationalism speech in 1910. president obama is expected to draw parallels to that speech in which president roosevelt called for a square deal for all americans. president obama says the u.s. is facing a make or break moment for america's middle class. >> we might be colder than kansas today. feels like we took a big dip. >> left a lot of frost. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> cold enough to make snow here if we had the capability like kansas this morning. look at where we had 27 as low as most areas got, novato, towards livermore, fairfield 29 palo alto, the cool spot this morning was petaluma, 26. freezing temperatures in concord that ties a record. records go back two years, freezing in napa and
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santa rosa clear sky thanks to high pressure no clouds, no blanket effect calm winds lets the heat reradiate into space making inland valleys cool spots, spots where we'll have patchy frost tonight. officials in monterey are searching for a missing dog a car. the one-year-old poodle terrier mix named frosty was last seen on a pier bleed going the mouth and running away. witnesses saw someone throwing frosty from a car near a tunnel by lighthouse avenue. frosty had gone missing this week from the santa cruz spca. officials say frosty is still on the loose and may be reluctant to approach people. new problem for bart, three copper thefts in less átpit÷ most recent attempt overnight. bart officials say the thieves are putting riders and themselves in danger by
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cutting cables to get at the copper. in one case the thieves did it as trains were in operation nearby. overnight 20 foot lengths of copper was stolen near washington street. bart officials say the thefts forced some delays to maintenance project and created a fire hazard. santa clara in line to get the largest public loan ever given to build a stadium. three banks pledged to fund the 850 million dollar loan to build the next 49 areas stadium. public hearings to explain -- details will take place tonight and thursday. one leading sports economist says santa clara residents should be very skeptical of taking on the record loan. the 9ers have promised to guarantee pay back if the stadium struggles to make money. >> mayor lee will get another chance to try to convince
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49ers' owner york to keep the team in san francisco thursday. today's chronicle reports that lee admits it is unlikely the 9ers will be staying in san francisco. the mayor says the only hope to keep the team is if the nfl blocks the santa clara plan. still ahead, lady gaga headed for the white house today with a very important message. turning a crime into something good. the holiday clothing giveaway today in the east bay more punishment for double parkers. new plan to help ease your drive through san francisco.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the obama administration announced a new effort today to use foreign aid to promote rights for tkpwaeus and lesbian as -- for gays and lesbian as broad. member dumb directing u.s. agencies including the -- the state department to use foreign aid to assist gays and lesbians facing human rights vials. >> lady gaga meeting with administration staffers to discuss her work on preventing bullying. she won't meet with president obama as we showed you minutes ago he's in kansas making an economy speech now. the white house held an anti-bullying conference earlier this year. officials estimate bullying
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affects 13 million students nationwide. here's a holiday story that turns a negative into a super positive situation. [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: this is not your typical holiday clothing giveaway. something that started off illegal is being given as a holiday treat for people at st. vincent paul in oakland who can use the help a few dozen folks in the training program got new clothes as a reward for hard work. $15,000 worth of clothes confiscated from illegal garment shops by the state's labor department. under the law, after the state confiscates the merchandise it can't go into the retail stream they have to them them for 45 days then either
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destroy them or donate them. for more than a decade they've chosen to donate them for people in need. >> it is good to stop an slavery in the new mill men yum. >> items should not make night the stream of -- commerce they are not allowed to be sold. we confiscate them, then we turn around at the holidays and donate them to a center where they can be used by people who need them. >> reporter: $15,000 worth, including pajamas, shirts, pants, outer wear, coats children's clothing, all of that donated today to people at st. vincent depaul who could really use them. good news for her in 15 people here trainees in the food service program and they serve 1,000 meals a day to the homeless. they will be graduating in a couple of weeks then they get jïd placement help.
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double=rdqtjurjt good news here. eric thomas, abc7 news. heavy jackets coming in handy today. >> absolutely with this dry air place it going to be cool. some of haze forming, wanted you to know it is not a spare the air day even though we have the haze. another chilly night and dry weather. also, the new home for san francisco's iconic -- can you crack the code? spy agency's unique recruiting tool to find the next james bond.
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look at the damage caused by this ford suv in walnut creek, chp says the expedition car reasoned off northbound 680 this morning, smashed through a fence overturned then crashed into five cars parked in a lot. the parking lot south of tree boulevard nobody seriously hurt a woman was arrested at
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the scene. >> caused slow traffic this morning. we are moving slow this morning because it is so cold. >> exactly. cars, people. almost as cold tomorrow morning. what is creeping up is how die it is and how dry it is becoming and how we are getting no snow in the sierra. i know they are making it, it would be nice if they could get a dumping here and there, we could use the rain some turning their lers back on minimally during this -- their sprinklers back on minimally. everybody knows where that is, absolutely. 48 santa rosa, livermore 49 antioch cool spots everybody else low to mid 50s until you get to half moon bay 59°. 6 monterey everybody else even inland mid 50s for the -- -- sunshine albeit hazy not a
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spare the air day dry air and lack of breezes. chilly, patchy frost won't be as widespread as it was morning. another seven days of dry, rain-free weather. east bay valleys mid to upper 50s. east bay shore upper 50s to low 60s oakland warm spot at 61 low 60s throughout the south bay cupertino, campbell 62. peninsula low 60s millbrae 59. upper 50s along the coast downtown and south san francisco north bay upper 50s to near 60. back to the monterey bay around 60, 58 carmel, low 60s rest of the bay low to mid 60s inland. around the state today everybody is dry from 44 tahoe,
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51 yosemite. big sur into southern california sunshine and low to mid 60s. tonight 20s out that's why probably not a frost or freeze warning or advisory 29 first field you already had a hard freeze low to mid 30s inland upper 30s to low 40s until you get to san francisco at 46. dominant area of high pressure over eastern pacific and western united states look how far north this jet stream goes into the arctic circle then all the way down into new mexico no wonder the temperature was 1 below this morning in denver where the cold air is sitting that and in the midwest where we had snow in kansas to greet our president. we whoever in the mid to upper 50s along the coast low 60s around the bay mid to upper 50s for the most part inland more clouds and cooler weather by sunday, monday, no rain in this forecast.
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san francisco is considering a much harsher penalty for anyone caught double parking. today the transportation agency's governing board will discuss a 25% increase in double parking fines to $100. other ideas, doubling the current $59s for blocking traffic and illegally riding bikes on the sidewalk. -- muni has added more cameras outside buses and could capture license plates and the city could send citations in the mail. top british spy agency looking for new recruits. to qualify you have to be a british citizen and crack this online code. 160 combinations of numbers and letters in just a few days. the job ad put out by britain's version of america's national security agency i -- agency. citizens who solve this puzzle could be recruited. the online site received
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thousands of hits, at least 50 people have solved this. >> code breaking signals intelligence can be tremendously valuable because it is one of the rare forms of intelligence that is if done properly will give the enemy's intention. >> kristen is hard at work trying to solve this right now. an official for the british government says it is not designed to be overly difficult it is a good way to promote awareness of the agency and get young people excited about careers in legitimates knowledge. >> my brain hurts now. the city will announce today the show's tent will close after the new year's eve show. new permanent home will be built on a parking lot at the embarcadero and bring. no date has been announced when the show will resume. they've been entertaining with
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european acrobatics, music and food for 11 years. annual holiday morning worth a
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today at pacific iron chef contestant from the bay area share safety holiday treats. then at 4:00, if you are frustrated by your cell phone service there are small carriers that might make you happier. michael finney ranks the best big name and no-name carriers.
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at 5 a grade schooler suspended for sexual harassment of his teacher. what this 9-year-old said that landed him in trouble. finally, trees as pretty as they are can be a fire hazard. >> san francisco fire officials and the burn center staff at st. francis teamed up today to demonstrate how quickly a dry tree can ignite from a spark or open flame. they say take precautions. >> around the holidays not to overload your electrical outlets as well as keeping your tree hydrated. turning off lights before retiring for the evening with >> chief recommends never leaving candles unattended and keeping a fire extinguisher on hand. u.s. fire administration says holiday fires not all from trees claim 400 lives in the u.s. each year.
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>> reminder worthy every year. >> yeah things are dry now. >> very dry outside, dry inside too, humidifier always helps. we still have temperatures in the 30s inland isolated areas could be in the 20s scattered frost possible again tonight for all of us here at abc7 news thanks for joining us today. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> keep track of the latest news on twitter and talk about it at >> have a great day. >> have a great day. bye-bye. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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